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Huzhou Beiheng Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional textile company known for providing all kinds of ribbon from development, production to sale. The company locates Huzhou City, which is near Shanghai, Suzhou, and Ningbo, thus conferring its unique transportation advantage

To quote legendary

To quote legendary financier Sanford Weill, details create the big picture. Though Weill was likely talking about business, nothing could be more accurate when it comes to wedding style. Brides often focus so intently on their gowns that they forget about the importance of details; namely, accessories. Wedding accessories like headpieces, shoes and jewelry add those special finishing touches to create an overall image of wedding ensemble perfection. But not just any veil or satin heel will do. With a little bit of know-how, it's easy to creatively coordinate your look. Here are some tips for coordinating your wedding accessories to match your personal style. 

The Classic

Pearls, veils and chignon chic. The classic bride knows what she wants. After all, she's been planning this wedding ever since she was a girl! She keeps the following tidy list of her bridal must-haves tucked away in her credenza. 

Wrist Length Satin Glove. These simple matte satin wrist length gloves are timeless and elegant. Fingertip Length Mantilla Veil. For those with deep, traditional roots. Perfect with the gloves. Cathedral length Veil. Another veil option for classic brides. This elegant, 1 tier favorite is the type she dreamed about. 

Pearl Set Accented with a Mix of Oval Shaped Crystals. Puts a modern twist on the classic pearl set. The crystals add just the right touch of “something new.” Necklace and earring set. 

Strand Pearl Nested Necklace. The quintessential bridal necklace. Ballet Flat with Bow. Simple, tasteful, comfortable and dyeable. Satin Handbag with Pleats and Rhinestone Keeper. This sophisticated dyeable handbag has a silver shoulder chain for style and convenience. 

Bohemian Chic

Flowing tresses, flowing dresses and flowers galore. This lady may be laid-back, but not when it comes to her wedding style. 

Summer bohemian brides will love the light, breathable Solid Pashmina Wrap. Winter wedding? Ward off the chill in boho-chic and animal-friendly style with the Satin Mid-Length Cape with Faux Fur Trim.

Let your hair down and accentuate your tresses with the Bridal Set of Four Gardenia Flower Hair Coils. These small satin gardenias accented with delicate sprays of Swarovski crystal rhinestones add just the right touch of sparkle without being overdone. 

Beach or mountaintop wedding? Walk down the aisle in comfort in CeeCee flip-flops, featuring a comfy cushioned wedge sole and a shimmer of rhinestone detailing. Otherwise, opt for a Peep Toe Orsay heel with a colorful floral print and rosette accent on the front face of the shoe. 

Carry your necessities in style with the Victorian Frame Bag. Rich with detailed beading, this convertible (with chain strap) clutch closely resembles a vintage heirloom piece. 

Modern Maven

Sleek lines, hot trends and style for miles. This urban bride is always on the cutting edge of fashion, and her bridal ensemble is no exception. From her tailored Long Sleeve Satin Bolero Jacket to her Glitter Elongated Clutch, every accessory she selects is polished and striking. 

Naturally, knowing all the latest trends, she pairs the Bridal Russian Net Facial Blusher Veil with a flower comb underneath. The short tulle blusher blends Hollywood glam and metro chic. For the veil-phobic, the Pinwheel Feather Flower Clip with Rhinestone Center is the perfect option. This large, feathery accent is perfect for refined hairstyles requiring only a single flower. 

Speaking of flowers, trendy brides everywhere are donning splashes of color to their wedding wardrobes. All the rage right now: big flowers. The modern maven wears the Flower Pin in crimson red. This bold eye-catcher defies traditional wedding style rules, and that’s just the way she likes it. 

This is a woman who loves her shoes. For this fashion-forward bride, it's Cyndi by Coloriffics lace-up sandal with 3 1/2" heel. Looks straight out of a 5th Avenue boutique. Tres magnifique! 

Glamour Girl 

Tiaras, glitz and sky-high heels. A little bit diva and a lot delightful, many glamour girls get pegged with the bridezilla” label. Deep down, they're simply misunderstood. They know what they want, and as long as they get it, they're happy. And what, exactly, makes them happy? For one, the Fur Wrap, an elegant faux fur stole that perfectly completes the winter bride's trousseau. Next, of course, is the Stretch Satin Elbow Length Glove. A must in every color for glamour girls of all ages. 

Shoes, of course, are very important to this beautiful bride. ribbon bow Suppliers Heels. The higher the better. The Dyeable Satin Platform with Ornament Ring Detail does not disappoint. This stacked platform is hip, saucy and features a sparkling rhinestone brooch accent for extra glam power. 

​These types of cushion pads cater

​These types of cushion pads cater that feeling of comfort and luxury which is related with a feather’s softness. The fabric of cotton-cambric is used mainly for making its cover as it helps in preventing the leakage of the feathers from inside the pads. The cushion pads supplied by the popular showrooms require plumping occasionally for retaining the shape and comfort as the inners of the cushion is made out of natural fabric.

Cushion pads made from Feathers and Down of White Goose

The feathers of Goose Polyester Satin Fabrics Manufacturers and down-cushion pads ferment the factor of luxury up with a notch. The usage of cotton-cambric material prevents the leaking of or poking-through of the feathers from the cushion pads. Like Duck-feathers cushion pads, the inners of Goose-feather and down-cushion are also made up from natural fabrics and therefore they also require plumping occasionally for retaining the shape and comfort.

Cushion pads made from Micro Fibre

Cushion pads made from Micro Fibre are considered the best available fillers of cushions made by man & are luxurious substitute of cushion-inners made out of Duck-feathers. These pads are covered fully in the cotton. These are best suitable for all those persons who are suffering from allergies caused due to feathers. These cushion pads has always been the 1st preference of numerous 5 Star-Hotels all over the world.

There is no need for plumping them occasionally as they retain the shape, comfort, and appearance even after being used for a prolonged period. The cushion pads bounces back to its original shape after with a little plumping.


Discount can be allotted in bulk buying

Discount can be allotted in bulk buying. 

Jackor are tailored according to all sizes. Fleeces are also available in pants, vests, knit tops etc. 

Now day's people can utilize the benefits of internet with just a mouse click an individual is able book things online and get a home delivery. As, a result several customers are booking from the wholesale dealers, which includes jackor, gore tex jacket, winter coat, ski jacket, men's down jacket, outdoor jackets, softshell jacket and wholesale outdoor jacket. These Jackets and Pants prevent the wearer from extreme cold touching his or body. People want jackets to be easily dried out with water proof and winter proof. 
* Ski Jackets: Ski Jackets and Ski Pants are worn during skiing. There are outdoor jackets for both men and women especially activities such as, cycling, camping, trekking and skiing.. These jackets are quite affordable by the people. 

During summer season people like to wear clothes that are made of cotton as, they absorb heat and keeps the body free from heat entering. These are worn in cold or dry hilly places.

Fleece jackets are made from polyester and are very comfortable for wearing, where a person can be able to do all his/her regular physical activities. 
* Men's down jacket: These jackets are commonly preferred by all men. 

Uses of all different kinds of jackets include:
* Fleece jacket: These are very comfortable for wearing specially for outdoor activities. As, they believe that these give them a cool look. In markets, there is always a huge demand for outdoor jackets, winter coats and winter jacket.
* Softshell jacket: This jacket is almost similar to fleece jacket but softshell jacket is more effective.

People always prefer wearing clothes that are mostly fashionable and comfortable. Looking at the demand for outdoor jackets, many dealers are offering wholesale outdoor jacket, ski jacket, gore tex jacket for affordable prices. These jackets are light in weight and are available for everyone in all sizes. 

There are several kinds of jackets available Custom Ribbon Tape Manufacturers in the market such as, fleece jacket, ski jacket, men's down jacket, softshell jacket and gore tex jacket etc.
* Gore tex jacket: These are very useful in rainy and snow falling seasons. It doesn't absorb moisture from the body so, perspiration wouldn't be a problem. 

Earlier, when fleece jackets were made were specially used for outdoor purpose. At the time of winter and rainy seasons usually kids, youngsters, men and women prefer wearing seasonal winter jackets made of wool, polyester, nylon, cot wool etc. While making these jackets there were two defects, which were later on rectified. An individual can change his/her dressing style depending on the climatic conditions

The fine net

The fine net or mesh like weave of chiffon gives it a see through look to be most commonly used as evening wear especially as an overlay. Therefore for better designer cloths choose silk chiffon for that better look and better comfort. But to know whether the chiffon is made from silk or not is the most important thing. On touching a silk chiffon it feels like floating and completely without stiffness. Though it is nearly as light as silk chiffon but tends to be more stiff to the movements of your finger on it.

Therefore while choosing silk chiffon it is better to keep these things in mind so that the choice can be made more perfectly for the better comfort and better look of the clothing.

Whoever in this world is not a fan of chiffon fabric? And when it is worn it is sure to create Huzhou Apparel Manufacturers a wonderful impression. As the silk has its natural glow you can easily distinguish it from chiffon made from cotton. This is a lightweight fabric that creates a wonderful impression both in the wearer and the viewers. And the fact that it can be dyed in almost any shade makes it more desirable with a large variety of choices. Therefore most of the renowned designers prefer silk chiffon than other materials.

Because of all these features the silk chiffon is the better choice for designer fabrics.

Among the several materials for chiffon fabric the silk is of the best quality. Beside because of the glimmering nature of natural silk therefore the chiffon made from silk has a natural brightness of its own. In fact chiffon is made in a certain weaving technique using materials like silk, cotton, synthetic fibers, or rayon. Besides the way it feels on the sin depends on the material the chiffon is made from. Because of its smoothness the silk chiffon is a bit slippery and a bit difficult to manage for the one who wears it. Being a light weight fabric it looks elegant and provides a floating appearance to the gown. Besides the smooth and comfortable nature of silk chiffon makes it a better choice for summer collection as in a silk chiffon the skin feels more comfortable and because of the weave it is easier to breathe. The name ‘chiffon’ derived from the French word for cloth or rag. Besides that the only problem with silk chiffon is that it is a bit hard to manage. And thus the silk chiffon is lot different from the chiffon made from cotton or polyester.

​Besides that the tough of the silk chiffon is the best way to know whether it is originally made of silk or not. Although the silk chiffon can be identified just by looking at it but still there are other means of identifying it. Therefore the feeling that one can get with silk chiffon cannot be found in chiffon made from any other material. On the other hand when you try he same with chiffon made from cotton or polyester you can easily feel the difference

Selecting right carpet

Selecting right carpet for your home decor is a tricky decision which needs some skill and research work! After all, buying home interior items is the third biggest investment next only to your house and car. There are various factors which play significant role in deciding which carpet will suit you best. Your room size, your lifestyle and taste, your family background and, above all, your budget are the areas which make you take a final decision in selecting the right carpet for your home decor.


First thing you may want to decide is the color of carpet. If you have children and pets moving frequently around the room, you would not like to go for light colored carpets simply because it will always be a problem to clean and maintain your carpet. You may like your carpet to be matching with your other interior decoration items like window background, wall settings or other furniture. You can’t buy a carpet in a hurry because it is a major investment which needs a thorough and careful plan.


Next point is the texture and fiber of the carpet. Reputed manufacturers offer quality product. They take due care in selecting standard raw material to give you the best for printed cotton tape ribbon your money. Good textured material will get you product with high density which will affect your carpets longevity. Dense carpets give best performance but they cost more. If you are cost conscious, you may settle for low density carpets.


Fiber used in carpet manufacturing is a vital factor that decides its cost. Originally carpets were made of wool fiber but these days woolen carpets are considered a luxury. A carpet made of wool fiber might cost somewhere around $35-50 per square yard. Next in price range is polyester fiber which is comparatively much economical. These days 85-90% of carpet market is dominated by nylon fiber carpets. It is comparatively very cheap and its cost ranges $20-25 per square yard. Nylon fiber is soil and stain resistant but you must ensure the genuine product before buying a nylon fiber carpet.


While making your market survey you may find different stain resistant varieties of carpet. If your lifestyle so requires you can make your choice to go for such stain resistant carpets.


Finally, do not ignore carpet padding. Proper padding provides much needed support to your costly carpet. It prevents the carpet from getting damaged by heavy furniture legs. Padding also helps in absorbing water pouring to some extent. There are methods of testing the padding to ensure the right density. Higher density padding is always recommended.

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